Monday, November 30, 2009

Announcing the Release of the World’s First 64-bit Build of Google’s ChromiumOS for Netbooks

I have ported the development code of the open source ChromiumOS project to 64-bit. Google Chrome OS will be officially released in late 2010, and it will be based on the Chromium OS project.

My 64-bit build of ChromiumOS is called ChromiumOS64. Download your copy now!

Download link:

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Latest Google Chrome OS (ChromiumOS) VMware VMDK Image File Download: Guaranteed to Work!

Google Chrome OS (ChromiumOS) is a 32-bit Linux netbook operating system based on Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala i386 (Development Branch).

Filename: Google-Chrome-OS-build-enming.teo-24Nov2009-0528.vmdk.bz2

Filesize: 280 MB

Type: VMware VMDK image file bzipped

md5sum: 23371970c3b1c5dee287b9bb97901b7d

sha1sum: 4f12627f58e34bb2d29b99627ce043bc6c30aaac

sha256sum: 9853bfb6220882660caebddd0395c03adfb122563918fbfc16e7070ad3a9e14c

sha384sum: 46b1c0321cee250117fbd9fad16a3d5eb341a8a68d3ac51e80cb1f32d8c1be7b4fa057c470f8250922d939928314a454

Download Link #1:

Download Link #2:

Download Link #3:

How to Use:

1. Decompress with bzip2 on Linux.

$ bzip2 -d Google-Chrome-OS-build-enming.teo-24Nov2009-0528.vmdk.bz2

2. Use as virtual harddisk with the open source Xen hypervisor, Sun VirtualBox, VMware Workstation, or VMware Player

3. To convert the VMDK image file to Xen HVM domU image file for use with Xen, follow the instructions at the following link.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Google Chrome OS Download

Filename: Google-Chrome-OS-Build-enming.teo-22Nov2009-0704hrs.vmdk

Filesize: 697.38MB

Type: VMware VMDK image file

MD5 checksum: 1aec57157dd2083b166e493c0e831a67

Download link:

Video of Google Chrome OS (Chromium OS) on Xen

Picture Tutorial: How to DIY your own Google Chrome OS with Xen-based Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala amd64 Virtual Machine in Fedora 11 x86_64 Pv-Ops Dom0

Gallery 1 of 9:

Gallery 2 of 9:

Gallery 3 of 9:

Gallery 4 of 9:

Gallery 5 of 9:

Gallery 6 of 9:

Gallery 7 of 9:

Gallery 8 of 9:

Gallery 9 of 9:

Monday, November 9, 2009

Video Demo: Building a Rocks HPC Cluster with Xen Hardware Virtual Machines (HVM) (Update 1)

This is the new video demo of my Rocks HPC compute cluster after I have set dom0_mem=1024M for my Xen hypervisor.

I started all 5 nodes at one go without crashing and without sluggishness.

Previous video demo shows that I can only start 3 nodes with-out setting dom0_mem for the Xen hypervisor. If I attempt to start the 4th node, dom0 will freeze.

This is proof that setting dom0_mem really works and improves overall system performance.


Video Demo: Building a Rocks HPC Cluster with Xen Hardware Virtual Machines (HVM)